GI Gastronomia Italiana

Fresh products for all seasons

GI Gatronomia Italiana offers a wide assortment of fresh culinary products that vary according to the seasonality of raw materials and to the proposals of our chefs. First courses, main courses and side dishes inspired by traditional Italian cuisine and innovative tasty specialities; the light and healthy line, ethnic cuisine; specific product lines dedicated to recurring events.

Our mono and multi portion proposals satisfy the needs of commercial catering to the full, rendering a meal out good, genuine and of high quality, just like homemade.

For the large-scale retail trade, we produce a wide range of fresh products for take-away and pre-packed products for the large-scale retail trade.

Inspired by the tradition of the great Italian cuisine, our dishes render a single meal first class, always keeping up with the various market needs.

GI Gastronomia Italiana creates ready-cooked dishes and provides custom-cut solutions for private labels.