GI Gastronomia Italiana

The production

Production, Preservation and Distribution

Purchasing and storage of raw materials
All the raw materials necessary to develop our recipes are carefully selected and tested under the supervision of the Group’s Quality Service, stored and supervised according to the necessary protocol in order to guarantee unconditional traceability.

Processing and cooking
The method of preparation reflects the standards of the highest quality traditional cuisine, implemented by the use of state of the art cooking technology and in an environment which is constantly monitored to assure the maximum level of hygiene.

Portion preparation is carried out by our qualified personnel in protected and temperature controlled environments.

Protective Atmosphere Packaging System
MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) is a food packing technology whereby the oxygen in the confection is substituted by a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide increasing the product shelf life and preserving the organoleptic qualities of the fresh product.

Labelling and traceability
Product traceability is thorough thanks to raw material controlled management, by computerized monitoring of the entire production process and to the automated labelling of the end product.

Logistics and controlled temperature
The cold chain and therefore the product temperature is guaranteed in all its stages: production, storage, logistics and point of sale right up until the final consumer purchases the product.

Our plants
The Bologna plant was opened in February 2007 and is a modern 2500 sq. m structure dedicated to the daily preparation, production, packaging, storage and shipping of 4,000 kg of product, thanks to state of the art equipment and eco-compatible packaging.
Opened in May 2007, this 2,500 sq. m plant at Castelmaggiore is dedicated to the daily preparation, packaging, storage and shipping of 4,000 kg of product.

The MAP productive system
MAP: a state of the art productive and preservation system.
ATP protective atmosphere or MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a recent packaging technology for food products (especially fresh perishable ones) which increases the product shelf-life preserving the organoleptic qualities of the product unaltered. Tests carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna have ascertained and certified the durability quality of GI products which, strictly without added preservatives, is never less than two weeks and for a large segment of our assortment is as much as 30 days.
The certifications attest the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the original food.
Activity planning and the opted procedure system grant constant production monitoring in order to abide by quality standards and correct work process management.